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Why are Irish Pubs so popular around the world?

There are over 7000 Irish Pubs in over 53 countries from Mongolia to Iraq, Australia to Canada, Bolivia to Russia. Irish pubs have become popular around the world for a variety of reasons. One major factor is the extremely popular cultural identity and heritage associated with Ireland and its people. Irish establishments have a warm and welcoming atmosphere, with a focus on community and conviviality, which appeals to people of all backgrounds. Irish pubs go far beyond alcohol, they are the melting pots of social encounters, in which all social ranks come together, where family and friends meet, where local stories flourish and where the craic flows freely. The decor and atmosphere of Irish pubs feature the same traditional elements such as dark wood, cosy seating, brass fittings and walls filled with old Irish memorabilia such as old photographs, vintage Irish posters, prints, advertising, bric a brac and historical artefacts, which creates a sense of nostalgia and a connection to the past. Additionally, the popularity of Irish music and dance, as well as the reputation of Irish cuisine and drinks, also contribute to the appeal of Irish pubs worldwide.