Irish Pub Decor

Traditional Irish Pubs, the sights and sounds unchanged for generations.These were the authentic haunts of Ireland's greatest writers, poets,musicians and rebels. Joyce relaxing, Yeats recounting a poem, thepossibility of a song from Behan while Collins buys a round for thehouse.

Much has changed in Ireland but the old ways still live onin the traditional Irish pubs. Staunchly resisting the encroachment oflaminate and plastic, solidly insisting that the atmosphere needs therichness of wood and decor to complement a well-pulled pint and awell-turned phrase.

Our objective is to bring this atmosphere toyour pub. Creating the true atmosphere of Ireland can be one of the mostdifficult challenges in creating an authentic Irish Pub. The sourcing,buying, theming and logistics involved can be complicated and timeconsuming. This is where we can help. We take the pressure and pain outof sourcing and theming all the 'stuff' that makes an Irish Pub justthat...An Irish Pub.

We help your establishment develop its ownatmosphere, character and most importantly its own personality. We stockall the unique ingredients necessary for creating the true atmosphereof an authentic Irish pub. Furthermore, we specialise in Irish raritiesto add a completely unique feel to your pub. Whether its a small touchof magic or your complete dream fit out, we cater for all budgets.