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The Tivoli Theatre, Francis Street, Dublin

By rareAdmin, Tuesday, 23rd March 2021 | 0 comments
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The Tivoli Theatre, Francis Street. I bought the Tivoli sign for €850 from Victor Mee's. Many fond memories surround the theatre for Dubliners of all ages. It started as a Cinema in the 1930's and went on to become a venue for plays, pantos, gigs, club nights and even wrestling. Its demolition was a cultural loss to the city. I was surprised to find the sign for sale but was delighted to acquire it. The new owners are planning a public square named "Tivoli Square" as part of the new development. I'd love to see the sign return for display in the public square as a nod to the old Tivo. I think it would look brilliant under a hardened glass floor, lit up with LED'S. I will donate what I paid for it + profit to Little Penny Dinners charity on adjacent Meath Street if the new owners put it on display in the square. I may be sentimental in my thinking, but I think people new and old in the area might enjoy seeing it on site in the decades to come. A reminder of what stood before. I have a long list of interested parties for the sign, particularly since it was on the Late Late, but id be delighted if it avoided disappearing into private ownership. Hopefully, the new site owners are interested.