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'The Irish House' Wood Quay

By rareadmin, Thursday, 17th November 2016 | 0 comments
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'The Irish House' Wood Quay.

This pub was built in 1870 and apart from Christchurch and the Four courts was probably the most colorful and eye catching buildings in the area.

The fancy plaster work around the building was steeped in Nationalist symbolism of the 19th century, Grattan addressing the Irish Parliament, the Maid of Erin with a tearful expression, Daniel O'Connell along with several Irish Wolfhounds and the Round Tower's.

When the building was completed and opened for business the Nationalist sentiment on it exterior decor wasn't lost on the loyal British subjects as they passed the along the quays, sarcastic remarks were passed about the 'unsightly' building standing on the corner of Winetavern St and the Quays. If only they knew what was to happen a few decades later.

Anyway in 1965 when the destruction of the historic area began, it was the Guinness family who stood in and bought up all the figures and had plaster cast's made of them, I dont know what happened to them or if they can be viewed anywhere, id loved to have seen the interior of the Pub, I wonder how much a pint cost in it's heyday.