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The Hell Fire Club

By rareAdmin, Wednesday, 26th October 2022 | 0 comments
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'The Hell Fire Club', built as a hunting lodge in 1725 by William Connolly. There was originally a prehistoric burial site located here and Connolly used stones from it in the construction of the lodge. Shortly after its completion, a storm blew the roof off. Local superstition attributed this incident to the work of aggrieved spirits,, a punishment for disturbing the ancient burial site. It has since become associated with numerous paranormal events.

Members of the 'The Hell Fire Club' used the lodge as a meeting place following Connolly's death. The club was associated with stories of wild behaviour, debauchery and demonic practices. Members were said to set a place at each meeting for the Devil in the hope that he’d attend.

This building has a reputation for being haunted, most notably by a massive black cat. One of the most well known stories is one in the which the Devil himself appears. According to legend, a stranger joined the club members at a game of cards. Then, when one of the players dropped a card on the floor, he bent down to retrieve it and saw that the stranger had cloven hooves instead of feet.

Today, the Hell Fire Club remains burnt out and abandoned on Montpelier Hill. You’ll find it located in the Dublin mountains about a 30 minute drive from the city centre. Amazing views here at night time if you have the guts to come up after dark.