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The Gravediggers Pub, Glasnevin, 1960's

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A quiet one in the Gravediggers, 1960's.

John Kavanagh's in Dublin's Prospect Square, otherwise known as The Gravediggers, is one of Dublin's hidden gems. It sits on a quiet square by a now little-used gate into Glasnevin cemetery and has been run by the Kavanagh family for eight generations.

After the cemetery opened its gates for the first time in 1833, John O'Neill turned his nearby home into a pub, but after a year he handed the business over to John Kavanagh, when he married his daughter Suzanne. John and Suzanne Kavanagh went on to have 25 children!

As most pubs did, during the 19th and 20th centuries it incorporated a grocery counter, which remained in operation until the 1950s. Today, behind the bar, you can still see the drawers where tea, snuff, tobacco and spices were stored.

The pub got its nickname 'The Gravediggers' from its use by the men who worked at the nearby cemetery. Times have changed, however. When the cemetery first opened, it consisted of just 9 acres and had 60 gravediggers. Today, there are 79 acres and less than a dozen gravediggers with a big JCB.