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The Dawson Lounge, Dawson Street, Dublin

By rareAdmin, Friday, 20th August 2021 | 0 comments
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The Dawson Lounge has two big selling pints. Its the smallest pub in Ireland and they serve a great pint!

Dawson Street has become one of the more sophisticated spots in the capital over the last decade filled with fancy bars and posh restaurants. But the Dawson Lounge still retains the laid back feeling of an old Dublin boozer with an atmosphere that is focused on soaking up juicy conversation and imbibing a tasty pint.

Above the door of The Dawson Lounge there is a great picture of the pubs patrons enjoying a drink, including a nun no less! A number of steps takes you downstairs to the bar, which is as big as a sitting room with a cosy bar in the centre of the room. It is furnished in the style of a 70's pub with simple chairs and stools around tables creating a nice, unfussy ambience. The staff are very friendly and know how to pour a pint and they are never that far away so you can almost shout in your order depending on how busy it is.

The Dawson Lounge draws an interesting cross section of Dublin life and you'll always find characters around the bar. A great pint and great atmosphere, all you could want, just watch your elbows!