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Richie Buggy, who left Kilkenny for New York in the 1960's

By rareAdmin, Friday, 21st October 2022 | 0 comments

Richie Buggy, who left Kilkenny for New York in the 1960's. In the early 70's, he volunteered with the NYPD's anti crime unit to help with the city's mugging problem. He quickly developed a knack for attracting the one type of crime that terrified most New Yorkers. Transforming himself into a cast of characters, including an old woman, a tourist, a blind man and a well lubricated drunk, he wandered the city's avenues like a wounded gazelle, enticing muggers to pounce. “All I know now is locking up criminals, it gives me satisfaction. If I get mugged, that's one 68 year old lady who won't face the awful terror of getting her head bashed in” Richie said in 1973.

Richie was mugged 110 times and was the city's star decoy earning him countless punches, clubbing's, chokings, stabbings and jostling's. Once, when he was disguised as a drunk, he was jumped by a mugger disguised as an old lady. Another time he was mugged near the Port Authority Bus Terminal, brushed himself off, and was promptly robbed by two men who had watched the first mugging. "It was so easy to get mugged in those days," said Richie, "I could stagger down the street and have 10 muggers come after me".

Richie double jobbed working at McSorley's Old Ale House with his cousin and lifelong friend Matty Maher. Richie and Matty left Kilkenny together for New York in the early 60's. Richie worked at McSorley's for 51 years. This picture hangs in the bar. These days, Richie is retired living in Queens and enjoys fishing, golfing, the odd ale in McSorley's, and is healthier than ever.