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Nollaig na mBan / Women's Little Christmas

By rareadmin, Sunday, 5th January 2020 | 0 comments
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Tomorrow, January 6th is traditionally known as 'Nollaig na mBan' or 'Women's Little Christmas'.

On this day it is tradition in Ireland for the women to get together and enjoy their own Christmas, while the men stay at home and handle the household. It is also common for children to buy their mothers and grandmothers presents on this day, though this custom is gradually being overtaken by Mothers Day.

Although Nollaig na mBan is dying out in some parts of Ireland, in Co.Cork for example the tradition still remains strong. Many bars and restaurants in Cork City report a near 100% female clientele on this day, as the Corkonian women meet up with girl friends, sisters, aunts and mothers to celebrate their own little Christmas with Nollaig na mBan