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Mulligan’s Pub, Poolbeg Street, Dublin, 1953

By rareadmin, Saturday, 3rd December 2016 | 1 comments
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Mulligan’s pub, Poolbeg Street, Dublin, 1953. One of the most authentic, old school pubs in Dublin city centre. If the walls of Mulligans could talk, what tales they would tell. A blueprint for Irish pubs the world round. Genuine 19th century Irish boozer. No frills but lots of thrills. Great place for a real session.
Regulars meet for conversation and liquid comfort. No TV, No food, No music!

The first Mulligan's was established in Thomas Street, Dublin in 1782. The Mulligans moved their family business to several different premises until finally leasing the current premise on Poolbeg Street in 1854.

Mulligans is an ancient Dublin Pub with the decor to match, from the old gas lighting still hanging above the bar to the old fittings and bar itself. The former Theatre Royal in Hawkins Street was near Mulligan's and the pub walls are decorated with decorations associated with the theatre such as posters, photographs, signs and showbills dating back to the 1800's, as well as an autographed photograph of Judy Garland, who performed in the theatre and drank at the pub.

A tourist named Billy Brooks Carter of Texas loved Mulligan’s so much he requested some of his ashes be kept in the grandfather clock. Every eight days, the staff “wind up Billy”.

Mulligans is a lovely old fashioned pub that hasn't changed a bit in decades, and hopefully never will!