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Kurt Cobain

By rareAdmin, Wednesday, 13th September 2017 | 0 comments
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In July 1993, Kurt Cobain did an interview with an American magazine in which he talked about his Irish roots and how he sensed he was from Ireland.

"I never really knew about my ancestors until this year, when I learned that the name Cobain was Irish. My parents had never bothered to find that stuff out. I found out by looking through phone books throughout America for names that were similar to mine. I couldn't find any Cobains at all, so I started calling Coburns. I found this one lady in San Francisco who had been researching our family history for years.

Interviewer: So it was Coburn?

Cobain: Actually it was Cobain, but the Coburns screwed it up when they came over. They came from County Cork, which is a really weird coincidence, because when we toured Ireland, we played in Cork and the entire day I walked around in a daze. I'd never felt more spiritual in my life. I was almost in tears the whole day, it was the weirdest thing. Since that tour, which was about two years ago, I've had a sense that I was from Ireland.

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