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Kehoe's, South Anne Street, Dublin

By rareAdmin, Sunday, 5th September 2021 | 0 comments
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Kehoe's on South Anne Street. A Dublin institution first licensed in 1803. This authentic, unpretentious Victorian shrine is one of last great heritage pubs of Dublin. The interior throughout Kehoes is the product of a Victorian style renovation completed towards the end of the 19th century which has been preserved to the present day.

On entering you will be instantly confronted by the subdued colourings of the Victorian age. Completely unspoilt, resulting in an atmospheric, cosy drinking hole that hints at the way things were. The original mahogany bar, complete with old fashioned cash register and spotted aging mirrors date back from the days when the bar doubled up as a grocery shop. Original mahogany drawers behind the low grocery counter once housed rice, tea, coffee, snuffs and other provisions items. In its former existence this area was frequented by shoppers of the age who could slip in and enjoy a triple in the snug while the proprietor prepared the provisions order.

There are plenty of nooks and crannies here to while away the hours. Upstairs, there's a small partitioned room with an old living room feel, open plan with a few tables and chairs, an old piano and nice old carpets and wallpaper. They don't need to change a thing!

The pints in Kehoes are fantastic. I don't know what voodoo they do on their Guinness on tap but the pints are always fantastically tasty and fresh , leaving nice clean lines on your empty glass, the way things are meant to be! A nice mix of patrons and a talkative and laughter covered atmosphere is the norm. The bar staff deserve credit too, despite the throngs of people, they always keep the punters happy.

Kehoes is one of Dublins best pubs. Fantastic pints, friendly patrons, excellent bar staff and a traditional atmospheric setting. What more could one want?