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Johnnie Fox's, Dublin Mountains

By rareAdmin, Thursday, 2nd June 2022 | 0 comments

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1798 was a historic year in Ireland. The year of the United Irishmen, the Wexford rising, the year that saw the French landing in Killala… and the year that Johnnie Fox’s Pub was founded, the crafty pub well hidden in the Dublin Mountains.

It is a bit bigger these days and even more famous for the food and drink, song and story – but just as warm and welcoming as on any day or night over the 200 plus years.

They claim it is “famed” as the Highest Pub in Ireland, yet neither the height of it’s fame nor the fame of it’s height have gone to the Fox’s head because they are still full of fun up there anytime my family and I have a reason to go. The stone flagged floor is still strewn with sawdust daily and hammered by dancing feet nightly.

When visitors come over I always suggest to friends and neighbours they take them up to experience that traditional pub vibrating with youth and life as well as age and antique charm and if they seek not a reproduction but the genuine article then their search stops here, the entertainment is outstanding & the atmosphere is unrivaled.

Seafood is the speciality of the kitchen at Johnnie Fox’s Pub, so if you are a fan of quality dishes cooked by award winning chefs and want to experience a vast selection of dishes ranging from giant fish platters to quality hung Mountain Steaks, from succulent Scallops to world famous fresh creamy seafood chowder soup served with homemade brown soda bread from their own bakery, then this is the place to be.