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George Harrison on O'Connell Street, Dublin, 1950's

By rareAdmin, Wednesday, 10th November 2021 | 0 comments
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This pic on O'Connell St shows a kid who would become a household name all over the world just a few years later. Who would have thought that the small kid in this photo out with his Mam Louise and big brother Pete would be part of a legendary group known and adored worldwide by millions. The kid with his Mams arm on his shoulder was George Harrison. Georges Grandfather was from Wexford before moving to Liverpool, they had cousins in Drumcondra and would often hop onto the Ferry and come to visit. It's known that George was the quiet Beatle, and I suppose it was no surprise when he died from cancer that he was cremated in a cardboard coffin, the funeral cost less than €500...R.I.P George...a legend.