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Easter Rising - Day 4

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Today in Irish History

1916: Easter Rising - Day 4

As British authorities get to grips with the situation in Dublin, fierce street to street fighting takes place in parts of Dublin. James Connolly is severely wounded while involved in an action close to the GPO. He manages to crawl back to the rebel conclave which is now completely cut off from other rebels. Learning from the debacle at Mount Street bridge, British troops did not attempt a full scale assault on the GPO.

British troops finally take Mount Street bridge at the cost of over 200 casualties incurred by 17 Irish rebels, five of whom were killed.

British strength now stood at over 16,000 men. Witness James Stephens wrote of Thursday’s events: “At 11.30am there came the sound of heavy guns firing in the direction of Sackville Street. I went on the roof, and remained there for some time. From this height the sounds could be heard plainly. There was sustained firing along the whole central line of the City, from the Green down to Trinity College, and from thence to Sackville Street, and the report of the various types of arm could be easily distinguished. There were rifles, machine guns and very heavy cannon.”

Attached: 'Birth of the Irish Republic' by Walter Paget depicting scene inside the GPO after James Connolly is wounded.