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Bill Murray

By rareadmin, Tuesday, 6th March 2018 | 0 comments
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Bill Murray in an interview a few months ago "My favorite place to play golf is in Ireland. that’s where my ancestors come from, and it’s the most beautiful country to play golf in, and when you come as a guest to play golf you are treated like a king."

Bill Murray, along with his three brothers and two sisters, grew up in an Irish family in Chicago. His parents, Lucille and Edward (a lumbar salesman and keen golfer), had nine children. Bill is the fifth child and his siblings are Brian Doyle-Murray, Nancy, Edward, Andy, John Murray, Joel Murray, Peggy, and Laura.

The Murray household was a busy place and not always easy for so many children competing for their parents’ attention. Murray has commented, “Our house was a wreck, a constant claustrophobic mess”, but they always managed to find the time to laugh with one another.

Bill's grandfather emigrated from Cork, while his mother’s side comes from Galway. In a 2009 interview Murray said he was disappointed that the Irish had yet to claim him as one of their own. "But no one has ever claimed me in Ireland. No one!”