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Annie Moore - First Ellis Island Immigrant, 1891

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Today in Irish History.

1891 Annie Moore - First Ellis Island Immigrant

14 year Annie Moore old and her two younger brothers, Anthony (11) and Phillip (7), Annie depart from Queenstown (Cobh - County Cork) on December 20th 1891 aboard the S.S. Nevada, one of 148 steerage passengers. The trio would spend 12 days at sea (including Christmas Day), arriving in New York on Thursday evening December 31st.

On the morning of January 1st 1892, a barge transported the three Moores and the 145 other steerage passengers to a brand new federal immigration center called Ellis Island, where the rosy cheeked Annie became the first immigrant of the twelve million who would enter the United States through its doors.

“As soon as the gangplank was run ashore, Annie tripped across it and was hurried into the big building that almost covers the entire island. By a prearranged plan she was escorted to a registry desk which was temporarily occupied by Mr. Charles M. Hendley…(taken from “Landed on Ellis Island” - NY Times 1/2/1892.)

They were processed through Ellis Island New Year's Day (also Annie's 15th birthday) and all three children were soon reunited with their parents who were already living in New York. As the first person to be processed at the newly opened facility, Annie was presented with an American $10 gold piece from an American Official.

From 1820 to 1920 more than 4 million people left their native shores of Ireland bound for the Port of New York.

Moore's relatives believe the attached pic to be Annie Moore and her brothers at Ellis Island.