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Anne Devlin mural

By rareadmin, Wednesday, 29th January 2014 | 0 comments
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Driving through Carmans Hall in the Liberties earlier and had to pull over to take a snap of this. A brand new and well deserved mural of Anne Devlin (1778-1851). We spoke about her here before. Born in County Wicklow. Her cousins, Michael Dwyer and Arthur Devlin, partook in the 1798 Rising. Arthur Devlin introduced Anne Devlin to Robert Emmet and she helped plan the 1803 Rising while acting as a housekeeper in Emmet's home in Rathfarnham.

"On the days of Mr. Emmet's trial and execution (September 20th, 1803) I was kept securely locked in my solitary cell. I felt what I cannot describe. I plainly saw my position and was resolved to make the best I could of it. Sighs could do nothing for me and I was resolved to have none of them, as they would only please my persecutors... After the execution I was ordered into a coach which drove off rapidly to Birmingham Tower at the Castle. The jailer sat in front of me with a pair of pistols partly concealed. A soldier sat on each side of me with a drawn bayonet.

Coming down to St. Catherine's Church in Thomas Street, the coach stopped at a signal from the jailer. The windows were on a sudden let down. I looked out. Horror overcame me when I perceived the blood of Mr Emmet on the scaffold where his head had been cut off. Dogs and pigs were lapping up his blood from between the paving stones. In a few minutes more I was at Dublin Castle. The Secretary was soon with me and preached to me a feeling sermon, but it was lost on me. "

After the 1803 Rising Devlin was arrested and tortured but she refused to identify any of the insurgents and was imprisoned in solitary confinement for three years in a damp, underground cell in Kilmainham Gaol, Dublin. Anne Devlin's entire family were also imprisoned and seven of them died in Kilmainham Gaol before her release. It is known that Devlin worked briefly as a lady's companion before going into obscurity. Anne Devlin died in extreme poverty in the Liberties in 1851.

It's very hard to imagine what Anne Devlin went through in solitary confinement for three years...and still she held firm and did not betray Robert Emmett. Great to see her remembered.