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A short story of an Irish family aboard the Titanic

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A short story of an Irish family aboard the Titanic.

Margaret Rice (39) and her five boys - Albert (10), George (8), Eric (7), Arthur (4), and Eugene (2) from Athlone Co. Westmeath.

Mrs Margaret Rice born in Co. Westmeath, 6th October 1872. 

When Margaret turned 19 she married in Ireland to William Rice. William was to become a shipping clerk with the Grand Trunk Railway in Montreal, Canada.

After the birth of their first child they moved to Montreal where George Hugh was born on 30 November 1902. Their firstborn tragically choked to death on a dummy (pacifier) after they settled in Canada. The family moved from Montreal in 1909 to Spokane, Washington, where William went to work for the Great Northern Railroad as a machinist. Their youngest son Eugene was born on 13th October 1909.

In 1910 her Husband, William Rice was killed in a rail accident. Margaret received an insurance settlement and returned to Ireland with her boys to be close to her family. In the 1911 census she was listed as living at rented accommodation with her family at 9 Castle Street, Athlone.

In 1912 she decided to move back to Washington with her sons and booked passage on the Titanic which they boarded at Cobh, Co.Cork four days previously.

After the collision third class passenger Bertha Mulvihill saw Margaret Rice in the third class area holding 2 year old Eugene with her four other boys holding onto her skirt.

The entire family went down with Titanic on this day in the north Atlantic, 1912.

This photo was taken at a local studio prior to their departure for America. A present for her family left behind before they went back to America.