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Our warehouse is located in Ballymount Industrial Estate in Dublin. However, Mulligan's pub on Poolbeg Street is our spiritual home and meeting space. 

Mulligan’s was established in 1782 and has ever since been a favourite meeting place for generations of inner city Dubliners. The pub is steeped in history over the past 240 years. Its famous customers include James Joyce, Judy Garland and US president John F Kennedy.

Kennedy was a young US Congressman when he had his first pint of Guinness here with Irish Press journalist Jack Grealish in 1947. Judy Garland played cards and drank in the pub every night for a week when she was starring in a show at the Theatre Royal across the street in 1951. Mulligan’s is however, perhaps most famous for its association with the Irish literary giant that was James Joyce. He featured the pub in his famous short story ‘Counterparts’.

Among the many quirky tales recounted in Mulligan’s, was that of a man who once came all the way from Houston, Texas and fell in love with the pub. Now he’s here all the time – literally. Billy Brooks Carr loved Mulligan’s so much that he requested his ashes be interred there. In honour of his wishes, Barman Noel placed the ashes inside the grandfather clock in 2012. In March 2022, his brother David's ashes were also interred inside the same clock. That’s just the kind of place Mulligan's is - they look after you well both in life and, if necessary, in death! A framed portrait of President Kennedy hangs beside this Grandfather clock. Billy Brooks actually met President Kennedy as a boy of 13 in Houston the day before the president was assassinated in Dallas. Under the portrait of the president in Mulligan’s reads “John F. Kennedy had his first pint of Guinness here in 1947”.